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Prince Harry Mask

prince harry facemask thumb Prince Harry Mask

Prince Harry of Wales is very popular amongst partygoers as Harry himself is a big time party enthusiast. On Halloween he wore a Nazi Uniform and could quite easily be considered the Charlie Sheen of the Royal family.

prince harry royal masks thumb Prince Harry Mask

Like his brother William growing up was very difficult as they had both lost their mother during their teenage years and had to spend those mourning years under the scrutiny of the media who were believed to also be the cause of the death of their mother Diana.

But like all people in the human society of the late 20th and early 21st-century they have little choice but to play their roles and do as they’re told.

The great thing about these Prince Harry celebrity facemasks is that you don’t have to be pretending you’re royalty to wear Harry’s. He is a celebrity in his own right in that unlike William who only gets into the media when he has to such as the royal wedding, Harry understands the people and so plays to their standards.

Making Harry masks very popular even though he is not as an important figure as his brother William or his father Charles in the family.

Whatever the occasion we hope you have a fun time!


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