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Prince Charles Masks

prince charles masks thumb Prince Charles Masks

Prince Charles has probably had more masks made of his face then possibly any celebrity in the UK. He has very distinctive features and is probably the most famous Prince of our time especially thanks to his ex-wife Princess Diana.

Charles is the Prince of Wales and is the eldest son to the Queen making him the air to the throne should she this away. However Charles does not give the impression of someone who wants very much to be in charge, he seems very much more content in the garden.

His current engagement is with Camilla the duchess of Cornwall whom he married in 2005. His father to 2 children Harry and William and is a very iconic figure amongst British celebrities. He is considered an important member of the Royal family.

This mask is great for any royalty or Prince and Princess themed parties. One can only hope that in movies such as Abraham Lincoln: the vampire slayer will be made around a character such as Charles.

don’t forget that Prince Charles masks are available in many different styles not just in paper and cardboard but also there is a good selection of latex masks available to buy online in the UK.

So Enjoy a spot of Gardening or a good old cup of tea with the Queen. Pinkie finger up and have a spiffing time!


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