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Camilla Masks

camilla royal family mask thumb Camilla Masks

These Camilla Duchess of Cornwall celebrity face masks to buy online in the UK are an ideal complement to any Royal family themed party or group. She was married to Prince Charles in 2005 however she never really became the centre of attention for the celebrity limelight.

This was for two reasons firstly she was disliked as a replacement for the very popular Princess Diana. People in general did not like the idea of Charles and Diana breaking up with Dan being replaced as Camilla as being the new Princess.

She was born in London but was schooled in Switzerland and of course Paris. like Charles sent to the dismay of her public she had been married before to an Army officer in 1973. However she was introduced to Prince Charles in 1970 at a polo match. The rest is history.

She is probably the least popular celebrity of the Royal family as she has always keeps a low profile and will always be horribly overshadowed by Diana. This she is however very recognisable especially alongside Charles and is considered a cult figure amongst those who do not believe the Royal family to be this of any use to

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